Tiny Forest

Project Description

Valley Oak Charter students and teachers want to transform our backfield into a Tiny Forest using the Miyawaki Method. This technique involves planting a high density of native species in a 30 square foot area resulting in 10 times faster growth and 30 times more carbon capture compared to monoculture. After just 3 years of care, these mini nature refuges become a self-sustaining, native habitat. Over 3,000 Tiny Forests have been successfully established in urban areas all over the world in every type of soil and climate.  

Each school year, VOC 3rd-8th grade students will install one 30'x30' Tiny Forest to our backfield, planting native species including mallow, sage, grasses, ceanothus, elderberry, toyon, and oak trees. Students have already planted most of the first section! They are learning about soil and habitat restoration while making a difference in our Ojai microclimate and ecosystem by capturing carbon and water.

We have 2 teachers spearheading this project, Nancy Welter and Magda Perkins, as well as our grounds and maintenance expert, David Parziale. Parents and staff are also helping with the work and fundraising efforts.

Fundraising Objectives

Spring 2022

$1,000 for 10, 15-gallon trees to complete the first section of forest installed this year.

Fall/Winter 2022/23, 2023/24, 2024/25

$2,100 per year for 50 small plants and shrubs and 10 larger trees plus the supplies for their care including soil amendments and water.