Mission Statement

Valley Oak Charter Mission Statement

Valley Oak Charter is dedicated to supporting and empowering homeschooled students and their families as they take an active role in designing and implementing an educational program that addresses state standards while igniting a passion for learning and stimulating the intellectual, emotional and physical health of children.

Our Philosophy evolves from the understanding that learning takes place constantly in all settings. VOC supports life-long learners who have opportunities to pursue personal interests and make choices about activities and goals.

Our Program is designed to support families who homeschool and to add to the diversity of options in public education. VOC provides social opportunities, enrichment activities, support materials, academic resources, and certificated teachers who serve as resources.

Our Families maintain the responsibility for their children’s day-to-day education. While we offer the support of credentialed teachers, activities, materials and workshops, it is up to the individual families to decide how to best educate their children within the guidelines of the state framework, including participation in all state and federally mandated testing.

Valley Oak Charter is a parent participation program, where parents assist directly in support of the program in a variety of ways, including attending meetings, serving on school committees, participating in work days and assisting in enrichment classes and activities.