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My Hero: Written by VOC Students Performed by Norman Foote:

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Valley Oak Charter School is a tuition free home-school partnership program.  Our public charter school provides homeschooling support, curriculum materials and on site classes in a multi-age setting. Our classes are offered Tuesday through Thursday and are led by credentialed teachers and our community learning partners . Our offerings include art, music, hands on science, field trips and tutoring. 

With the support and guidance of credentialed teachers, VOC families choose, plan, and participate in personalized learning activities aligned with California Standards.  Teachers meet with families as needed throughout the year to offer feedback, academic support and homeschooling guidance. 

Valley Oak Charter supports various styles of homeschooling, honoring each child's unique way of learning. We maintain a large lending library, offering a wide variety of learning materials. Books, games, science kits, math manipulatives, and parenting resources are among many of the items available to families. In addition, each family chooses personalized curriculum materials to use in the home learning program. 

Valley Oak Charter has an active Parent Advisory Council where parents meet monthly to plan events, field trips and fundraise for the school.  

Valley Oak Charter is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges WASC 

Valley Oak Charter belongs to the Ventura Ventura County SELPA, which provides a cooperative model designed to ensure special education programs are available for all students with disabilities.