Failure to Participate

Alternative Options for Parent Participation

Because some families have extenuating circumstances that preclude participation in one or more of the program requirements, VOC will consider alternative options. The criteria for requesting an alternative participation program are as follows:

   · The individual requesting accommodation must prepare an alternative proposal for presentation to the Steering 

  Committee that will provide the school with a valuable or needed service (i.e. designing a school brochure,

  researching funding sources from a home computer).

   · Approval of the proposal will not be granted if it will negatively impact the functional operation of established

  committees and the Assisting Parent Program (such as, if there aren’t enough parents to fill committees or

  assisting parent rotations).

   · Families must be current and up-to-date on submission of work records.

   · Alternative Program Participation Proposals are subject to annual review.

If you would like to propose an alternative means of meeting your program participation, contact your Supervising Teacher or the Director to discuss your ideas. We are happy to accommodate your family’s unique needs when possible.

Failure to Participate

Participation in PAC meetings, workdays, the Assisting Parent Program and committees is an essential component of Valley Oak Charter. Not only does parent participation facilitate the smooth operation of the school, but it also fulfills our mission of developing a nurturing social community for homeschooling families.   

Full participation in the various program requirements provides our families with wonderful opportunities for meeting and sharing homeschool experiences with other Charter members and is an integral part of the VOC experience.  

All of us, at one time or another, find ourselves unable to meet a particular commitment. However, continual failure to fulfill parent-participation commitments undermines both the effectiveness of the program and the mission of the charter. To ensure that all members meet their obligations, the school has developed a review process:

1. Committee chairpersons, Assisting Parent coordinators, workday coordinators and the Orientation chairperson track attendance at and participation in required activities. The Director and Steering Committee will be notified of absent or non-participating members.

2.  An individual who misses three consecutive program participation activities--including committee and parent meetings, scheduled Assisting Parent days, and work days—will be contacted to discuss a plan for meeting program participation requirements.

3. If an individual misses an additional three program participation activities, the Director will issue a letter indicating that the family is on probationary status for continuation in the program. Repeated failure to meet program requirements will be brought before the Board for consideration and possible action.

The Valley Oak Charter program is unique and its continued success is dependent on the support and cooperation of the entire community. Your commitment to doing your fair share is greatly appreciated. Questions or concerns should be addressed to your Supervising Teacher and/or the Director.