Staying on Schedule

Staying on Schedule

  • You must turn in Work Records to your Supervising Teacher every week on the first day of attendance following the week documented.

  • Work Records submitted after 1 p.m. on Thursday are out of compliance.

  • You are responsible for getting the work records in to your Supervising Teacher’s file folder.

  • If you plan to be out of town for more than a week, please discuss this beforehand with the teacher and agree upon a way to stay up-to-date while you are away. Children are required to continue learning and parents are required to submit work records during this time. You may be asked to turn in "Projected Work Record Sheets" for the off-campus time period that outlines your plans.

  • If you fall behind one week, you will receive a reminder by phone or email from your Supervising Teacher.

  • Policy from our Board of Directors states that any family with two late Work Record submissions (a Work Record that is not in the teacher’s file/handed in by 1:00 on Thursday) will be placed on Probationary Status. A Probationary Contract will be drawn up and signed by the Director and family. If there is a third late submission by the same family, their student’s contract with VOC may be cancelled. Cancelled contracts can only be reinstated with Board authorization.

  • If Work Records are not complete on the last day of the school year, re-enrollment in the program requires approval by the Board of Directors.

VOC 3-Strike policy on Late Work Records

(BOD, 2015)

The Independent Study section of the California Education code provides that evidence of student work be submitted in a regular and consistent manner. In order to ensure compliance with this requirement, the Board of Directors of Valley Oak Charter have created this policy to address repeated incidences of non-compliance and the impact of same on the overall educational program of the school.

  • Reporting of non-compliance to the school’s Administration is at the discretion of the student’s Supervising Teacher of record.

  • The first late Work Record submission reported to Administration by the student’s Supervising Teacher will be considered the first ‘strike’ and will generate a verbal/written warning from the Supervising Teacher.

  • The second late Work Record submission within any given school year will be considered a second ‘strike’ and will generate a mandatory meeting with the school’s Administration. At this meeting the family will have the opportunity to discuss any problems they may be having and to brainstorm ways in which this requirement can be met each week.

  • Additionally, a Probationary Agreement will be signed by all parties (parent, student, and VOC Administrator) indicating the joint understanding of the impact of a third ‘strike’.

  • A third late Work Record submission within any given school year will generate a third ‘strike’, the Probationary Agreement will be enacted and the student’s Independent Study contract will be subject to immediate cancellation.

  • Reinstatement of cancelled contracts requires Board authorization.