Elements of the Work Record

Elements of the Work Record

In order to acknowledge the effort and learning that is taking place in your family, each work record must contain the following information for the student to receive attendance credit.

  • Name and Grade Level- Remember to fill in the student’s first and last name and grade level (the grade level indicated on your child’s Independent Study Contract).

  • Work Week Dates- Please indicate dates falling on Monday through Friday of the week for which your Work Record is being submitted. Use a standard calendar for the purpose of filling in Work Record dates. Your Supervising Teacher will adjust weeks that include a school holiday.

  • Signatures- Before turning your work record in for attendance credit, please make sure the document includes the signatures of both the student and the parent. The parent/guardian who signs the work record must be the same parent/guardian who signs the Independent Study Contract. If you are unsure of your designated signatories, please ask your Supervising Teacher.

  • Dates- Both the parent/guardian and the student must include the date on which they signed the document.

  • Work Samples- All student work completed during an Original Work Collection Week must be stapled to the Work Record submitted for that attendance period. Original Work Collection (OWC) weeks occur four times per year. Dates are listed on the school calendar. State law requires that the items submitted for OWC week be original work (not photocopies) and include the student’s full name on each page. If you do not wish to remove pages from workbooks, please copy any workbook pages prior to the collection week and have students do their work directly on the copy. If you are unwilling to part with an original artwork or other student creation, please do not include it on the work record.

By completing these simple steps, you can go a long way towards making the work record process a quick and easy routine for your family and Supervising Teacher alike. If you have questions about the work records, your Supervising Teacher will be happy to work with you and your family so that the Work Record can be completed in a way that accommodates your family’s learning style while fulfilling documentation requirements.