Documenting Learning

Documenting Your Child’s Learning

Remember, children are learning all of the time, not just during school hours. List all activities your child does throughout the day as he or she completes them or at the end of the day. We have listed some examples of learning activities below. Think broadly and consider all possibilities.

Some Examples of Learning Activities

Cooking: Language Arts (reading recipe, discussion), Math (measurement, doubling recipe), Science (chemical reactions), Social Studies (Indian food), Art (dough decorations).

Legos: Math (geometry), Social Studies, Art.

Physical activity:  PE, sports classes, recreational activities, family hikes, bike riding, physical chores. Some exercise can also be counted for additional subjects. In addition to physical activity, martial arts count toward Social Studies and Language Arts.

Music (lessons, playing, listening): Language Arts, Math (notation, rhythm, beats), Social Studies (music from other countries, composers).

Social Studies:  Current event discussion, listening to the news, attending speeches by political party candidates, going to the polls with an adult, reading the newspaper.

Science:  Nature walks, cooking, reading articles on science, stargazing.