Curriculum Ideas for Newly Enrolled Students

 The Supervising Teacher will work with the parent/student to be sure there are adequate learning materials available for the student to use until ordered materials arrive.  Such interim materials can include texts and/or other resources.  Learning must occur even if ordered materials have not arrived!

Please remember that there is no requirement that the student be working on every subject every day.  Even if you are waiting for the arrival of an order, there are many learning activities students of all ages can do.  A student can concentrate on a few core subjects, such as math, literature, and history while waiting for the science materials to arrive.  With a little creativity, the Supervising Teacher, student, and parent can develop a study plan that meets the need of the individual student. 

While you are awaiting the arrival of materials, here are some things you can do to get the student started. 

Obtaining Text-based Materials

Beyond the Textbook Learning Resources

The community is considered our school's campus.  Supervising Teachers, students, and parents can discuss ways to use various local resources to fit the student's curriculum needs.  There are many resources and learning activities readily available to our students.  Learning activities may include:




Social Studies


Study Skills

Life Skills

Physical Education



Driver's Education

Community Service/Outreach

Visual Arts and Music

Online Education Resources

The internet has a wide variety of educational resources available. Valley Oak Charter has collected some favorites. They can be found on our Online Educational Resources Website