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Work Record K-12

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Work records are essential to maintain the integrity of the VOC program. Our Work Records are designed to document all homeschooling activities. A focused effort was made to make it simple yet complete, thereby ensuring both academic freedom and compliance with state Independent Study laws that require documentation of a minimum of twenty hours per week of learning activities.

We receive full ADA funding from the state based on the idea that homeschooling children learn all the time. Our Work Records reflect this learning in the list of activities submitted each week. 

Please be vigilant about this. This may be a challenge for homeschoolers who are used to being less structured, but this is the compromise that comes with enrolling in a government-funded institution and cannot be ignored. Non-compliance with submission requirements  puts the school and your student's space in the program in jeopardy.  We appreciate your help in completing the Work Records on time, accurately and thoroughly!

Incomplete Work Records

Incomplete work records cannot be accepted. Work Records without signatures cannot be accepted. To submit an Electronic Work Records, embedded signatures are required.  Contact the school office for assistance with this requirement.

Where to Find the Work Record Form and Policy

Paper copies of blank Work Record forms are located in front of the teachers' files in the bins on the file cart outside the office. A digital copy of the work records can be found by clicking one of the links to the left.