Governing Board


6/1/23 Board Meeting


The 2022-2023 Board of Directors Meetings will be held (unless otherwise posted) Thursdays monthly at 1:30 p.m. on the VOC campus. . Reminders of meetings will be posted in the weekly newsletter. Minutes for previous meetings can be provided upon request.

Valley Oak Charter Board of Directors

Board Members

Gina McHatton, Secretary (Parent Representative)

Angela Shwam (Staff Representative)

Christy Hunter (Parent Representative)

Sheila Ghen (Community Member)

Kaelynn Adams (Student Representative) 

Gina McHatton, Secretary, Parent Representative 

Gina McHatton started at VOC in its second year. Her son, Cooper was just starting 4th grade, and is now graduated from both UCLA and Pepperdine Law School. At the time, Gina was pregnant with now senior, Hazel McHatton. Gina has been an active parent serving on BOD, Steering, and Programming, for many of her now 19 years at Valley Oak Charter. This will be her last year on the BOD as Hazel will graduate and go on to college. Gina plans to make sure VOC is in the best hands and the most financially secure place before her departure so it can be there for many more families to come. This school has meant the world to her and her family providing a constant of education, support, and love, and can’t imagine where her family would be without this wonderful charter and its educators.

Christy Hunter, Parent Representative

Christy is a stay at home, homeschooling mom with two sons who attend Valley Oak Charter (VOC). This is their 6th year at VOC. She found VOC when her older son was not comfortable with the large amount of students at the traditional elementary schools, it felt very overwhelming. Once they made the shift to VOC they all became comfortable and happy. It has been an experience of extreme growth for the whole family but the one reason they keep returning to VOC is the support they receive from all the staff, without them it would be difficult to continue homeschooling. Because they received so much support from VOC, Christy wanted to give back in some way. She is a representative on the Steering committee and as of this year, a parent representative on the Board. 

"The one important thing I have realized being a parent here at VOC is that we can all make a difference and keep on improving this wonderful school and its staff by being involved. You have a voice at this school and I appreciate that."

Sheila Ghen, Community Member

Sheila moved to Ojai in 2002 and John Shifflette, one of the founders of VOC, was one of the first people she met. She was looking for a homeschooling resource and he invited her to a group campout meeting at Wheelers Gorge campground to discuss the vision for the charter. VOC was in the planning stages so they jumped on board and Landen, her older son, started in the maiden year of the charter as a first grader when John Shifflette and Martha Fellows were the directors and John was one of the teachers. Landen attended VOC from first through eighth grade, Caden, her younger son, from kindergarten through eighth grade. Sheila spent time on many of VOC’s committees, including curriculum, testing, steering, and now board.  

"The charter is still so important to me and will always have my heart along with the lifelong friendships we formed there."

Kaelynn Adams, Student Representative

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