Committee Work

Committee Work

Committee work is another important component of VOC. Each family is required to actively serve on at least one committee. Committee duties generally do not require more than 10 or 12 hours per year, but this may vary according to the committee itself.

There are sign-ups for committees before the fall semester starts and throughout the year as needed. The Programming Coordinator facilitates this process, usually at a VOC Open House. You may sign up for a committee that most interests you, based on availability. If a family has not signed up by the end of Orientation Week, a committee will be assigned.

Certain committees, such as curriculum, library, assisting parent chair and site support require weekly contribution and may be exempt from additional AP duties, upon approval of an annual request by the Steering Committee. Every committee has a staff liaison to assist and answer questions and to act as their conduit to the rest of the staff. Most committees meet once every month at a time a place decided upon by the committee members. The chairperson of each committee reports each month to the Steering Committee.

Note: On June 16, 2016, VOC's BOD unanimously agreed to allow all committees to exist ad hoc except for the Steering Committee. Therefore, each committee will meet on an "as needed" basis rather than convening monthly.

Committee Chairperson

The other committee members select the committee chairperson.

As chairperson, the parent will:

  • Schedule committee meetings as needed.

  • Set and distribute meeting agendas to all committee members.

  • Serve on the Steering Committee by either attending monthly meetings or submitting monthly reports.

Staff Liaison

The staff liaison is a position filled by an employee of VOC.

The staff liaison performs the following roles:

  • Researches committee issues with relevant personnel at the Ojai Unified School District.

  • Reports on committee decisions and needs at weekly staff meetings.

  • Facilitates committee reports to monthly Steering committee meetings.

  • Reports on staff meeting outcomes related to committee work.

Committees (please select only one per family)


(staff liaison: Laura Fulmer)

  • Budget: Meets with Director to coordinate and develop annual budgets for all school operations.

  • Treasurer: Manages PCO account and reports at Steering and PAC meeting on status of account.


(staff liaison: Kara Lakes)

Responsibilities include coordinating semi-annual solicitation mailings; facilitating an annual fundraising event; researching/implementing ongoing fundraising activities such as E-Scrip.

  • Fundraising Chair: Monitors and supports fundraising activities. Reports to Steering Committee on a monthly basis.

  • On-line fundraising: E-Scrip/ $ for schools. Recruit new members. Monitor and report on earnings.

  • Special Fundraising Events such as Restaurant Nights or the Scholastic Book Program.

Public Relations and Outreach

(staff liaisons: Kara Lakes & Brice Pace)

  • Research advertising opportunities for VOC; generate community awareness of VOC through public service announcements, press releases and local opportunities; organize and represent VOC at community events such as Ojai Day; monitor effectiveness of advertising sources and methods in terms of student enrollments; develop and update school literature such as brochures and special event fliers and monitors and manages school Facebook account.

  • Community Events (Ojai Day, Ojai Rotary Youth Fest, etc.): Supervises booth and distributes information; acts as VOC representative to community at event.

  • Publicity/Outreach: School literature updates and distribution, publicizes school events

  • Facebook Monitor: check page regularly for content and updates as needed; posts new information and photos as submitted.

  • Retention and Recruitment.


(staff liaison: Laura Fulmer)

Work with staff to establish appropriate sources, material and resources for curriculum for individual student orders; place orders; inventory incoming curriculum shipments; supervise distribution of materials to families and return of curricular materials; maintain record of student orders; work with library committee to transfer curricular materials to VOC's permanent collection at the end of the year.


(staff liaison: Laurie Zatkowsky)

Work with staff to determine programming needs for each term; survey student and parent preferences for enrichment courses; recruit specialists; produce and send out catalog of potential courses to all families for upcoming terms; procure feedback on classes that did and did not work to help with future programming selections.

Site Support

(staff liaison: Brice Pace)

Site Maintenance and Repair: Coordinate with staff liaison to repair play equipment, furniture, bulletin boards and other items; assist with ongoing maintenance of the site, including painting; coordinate PAC workdays. Office/Tech Support: Support smooth office functioning by assisting with copying, mailings, shredding, etc.; support technology needs at the school, both in the computer lab and in the offices. Green Team: Encouraging the use of recycling.

Assisting Parent Coordinator & Substitutes

(staff liaison: Laurie Zatkowsky)

  • Coordinates and tracks AP sign up, ensuring parents sign up for shifts each trimester.

  • AP Subs: Works as a substitute for parents that are unable to switch with another parent to cover their shift. Commits to one shift per trimester.


(staff liaison: Laurie Zatkowsky)

Reminds community members of scheduled assisting parent days. Establishes a phone tree to call community members at determined times when necessary to inform them of any urgent information.

Library & Resource Center

(staff liaison: Laura Fulmer)

Categorize and list school resource materials and books; maintain libraries and operate a checkout system of instructional resources, software, educational games and children's literature; coordinate transfer of curriculum materials to VOC’s permanent collection at the end of the year; collaborate with staff to develop, implement, and maintain an appropriate inventory of curriculum at every grade level.

Orientation & Homeschool Support

(staff liaison: Laurie Zatkowsky)

Offers support, mentoring and advice to new VOC families. Members of this committee contact new families to help facilitate the process of joining and working within the VOC community.


(staff liaison: Laurie Zatkowsky)

Supports staff at all mandated testing throughout the year as needed (Common Core, Fitness, CAHSEE, Writing Assessment); assists with Carnival (purchasing, set-up/tear-down, booth activities).

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

(staff liaison: Laura Fulmer)

Helps coordinate and lead PAC meeting, working with the Director and parent community to create agenda for PAC meeting. Provides event support for Open House, Commencement and Carnival.

Hospitality & Special Events

(staff liaison: Nancy Welter)

Uses PCO account to provide and organize snacks, lunches and activities at special events such as Orientation, Open House and Commencement party; helps organize sign-ups and facilitate activities; assists staff with break down and clean up after school wide events.


(staff liaison: Laurie Zatkowsky)

Collects and takes pictures of VOC classes and activities throughout the school year; creates a VOC yearbook at the end of the year. This committee is great for those who are frequently on campus for workshop time and attend Open Time activities.

Open Time Support

(staff liaison: Craig Walker)

Provides support for Open Time activities on and off campus, including driving VOC vans, chaperoning students on field trips and helping with on-campus activities.