After School Programs



Robin's Nest

Robin’s Nest Art School, will be offering, a free “mini art journaling class.” 

Students will have some quiet time, to journal about their day, and decompress after school.

Prompts will be included, but not mandatory.  Limited/simple art supplies/instruction will be used, since it’s a shorter class.  We will discuss how their day went, and share in a group.

The class will fluctuate, based on the kids needs.  

Robin has been teaching a wide variety of art classes, to grades k-12, for Valley Oak Charter, since 2009.

With recent changes to legislation, she will no longer be able to teach for VOC, so she is very happy, to be able to keep this connection to our kids.

Information can be found on her website

You may also reach out to her, at (805)272-5877, with any questions.